Welcome to Berens Frozen Custard

It’s A Delicious Tradition!

The best experiences are the ones you keep coming back to. For more than 40 years, Berens Frozen Custard has been an Atlanta tradition, keeping happy customers coming back to Atlanta’s ORIGINAL frozen custard. We serve up a mouth-watering array of flavors in a fun, welcoming environment that makes you feel right at home. Berens is a delicious experience unlike any you’ve tried before. We invite you to taste the rich, creamy, flavor-packed difference for yourself and become part of our award-winning tradition...

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Best of Gwinnett!

5 Years Running
Best Ice Cream in Atlanta Award

But What is
Frozen Custard?

Imagine your favorite ice cream, only better. Frozen custard is creamier, smoother, fresher, and more delicious than traditional ice cream. Using farm fresh ingredients, packing more flavor into every bite, and delivering it all with a rich, creamy finish, Berens Frozen Custard is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Read on to see what REALLY separates frozen custard from traditional ice creams…

Fresher Is Better

Fresher IS better. That’s why I make our custard the same way my father taught me over 40 years ago. Using only the best ingredients, we make sure that the product is unsurpassed in quality…making it fresh throughout the day ensures that you’ll always get the freshest custard possible. You’ll always get a freshly made scoop, no matter what time you come in!

Less Air Means More Flavor

The real secret to frozen custard is in the air… or lack of it! Traditional ice creams and yogurts mix in lots of air. Not at Berens! Our unique process keeps air to a minimum so that your custard is creamier, thicker, and more decadent than anything you’ve tasted before.

Smoother & Creamier

In addition to less air, our unique process eliminates the “icy taste” you get with most ice creams, creating an incredibly smooth tasting treat. We also serve our custard at a warmer temperature than ice cream, allowing your taste buds to truly taste all the flavor we pack into each bite.

It’s That Simple

The truth is, our frozen custard tastes so much better because we don’t overcomplicate it. With a simple process and the freshest ingredients around, you get to enjoy the delicious difference in every bite. Fresher, more flavorful, and creamier than any ice cream you’ve ever tried before. You’re going to love it, and your taste buds will thank you later.

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